Hey there 👋
Steven Padilla
Software Engineer

College's Degree from Universidad Politécnica de Chiapas (UPChiapas).

Over 2 years of experience developing scalable and high-performance web applications using technologies such as Java, Typescript, Python, React, Svelte, Astro, Angular, and Flutter (Mobile).
Deploying cloud applications (AWS), configuring servers, and writing technical documentation.

I enjoy developing applications and facing new challenges that can develop my problem-solving skills to the fullest.
My main interests are back-end development, software architecture and cloud computing, and I have solid knowledge in front-end and mobile development.

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Technologies 👨‍💻


  • NodeJs NodeJs
  • Typescript Typescript
  • Python Python
  • Java Java
  • Express Express
  • NestJs NestJs
  • Spring Spring
  • Flask Flask
  • .NET .NET
  • Mysql Mysql
  • Postgresql Postgresql
  • MongoDB MongoDB


  • JavaScript JavaScript
  • Dart Dart
  • React React
  • Astro Astro
  • Svelte Svelte
  • Flutter Flutter
  • Tailwind Tailwind


  • Git Git
  • Aws Aws
  • Azure Azure
  • Firebase Firebase
  • Supabase Supabase
  • Nginx Nginx
  • Docker Docker
  • Linux Linux
  • Trello Trello